Cruising Logs: 2007 part 2
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Rocks ahead!


It was another early start next morning as I wanted to get to Les Ecrehou before the crowds . Sure enough despite a very slow and cautious approach we were the first to arrive at this extraordinary little group of houses marooned in the middle of the  sea ( it was the top of the tide).  It was   coming up to Springs and the only place  deep enough at low water , but out of the stream , had moorings laid , so we picked one up. I don’t feel bad about this. If people must fill the best places  with their tackle  then they must expect it to be used , and indeed the subsequent hordes that poured out of Carteret soon picked up the rest , so I guess that it is generally the accepted thing to do.

  Here we had  a wonderful 36 hours, living to the rhythm of the tide. As the water fell away revealing miles  of sand and rock  , so boats appeared from near and far , some to join us in the anchorage – but most to dry out on legs in the sandy lagoons that appeared as if by magic before our very eyes.

  As the tide rose , the process was reversed . The sand and the rocks disappeared , the boats left one by one , and  by dusk we were on our own again with just the houses for company – surrounded once more by water. Each day we explored in the kayak, discovering ways out of the archipelago on the receding water before running back down the sound with the flood tide to regain our ship. Kayaking to the North of the rocks I saw two dolphin breaching – and had to make Lynda practice not jumping if they came close. Sadly they didn’t, although I believe Lynda was secretly relieved.

  Finally , at dead low water on our second day we slipped our mooring and headed South once more , anticipating a gentle spinnaker run down to Chaussey  in the evening sea breeze.

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