Cruising: Les Îles Chaussey Pilotage Notes.
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Undoubtedly Chaussey is best visited in a boat that can take the ground. If you are prepared to anchor, then its fairly easy to find a spot at neaps. It’s at springs with a deep keel that the problems arise.

Unless you are out of season, using the visitors trots is not the answer. If the weather is fine, hordes of boats spread themselves over the archipelago , and they all want to shelter in the sound at night. That means crazy amounts of boats moored up together, and if there is wind against the tide – or indeed any strength in the wind from NW through N to SE – unless you are lucky with your neighbours it means damaged topsides and/or frayed tempers.

Port Marie is fine in N to NE, though I have not tried it in strong winds.  A NW wind allows the swell to roll around the coast into the anchorage. In the Sound, try anchoring just South of the jetty (beware, it is under the water at high tide – it is marked by 2 E perches) between these perches and the N cardinal perch marking the North of Les Epiettes.  Drop the anchor in the middle of the channel at Springs, as you may have wind against tide for an hour or two and may veer either side. Equally, if you are using rope – make sure you have an angel to improve the catenary and keep the rope from entangling the keel.


Ideally you would use 2 anchors. one up and one down stream (a moor) – but the problem is, if anyone else anchors near to  you using  only one, they will ride differently, so in company just use the heaviest gear you have got.

The tide runs N here from HW -1 to HW+2. Perhaps this is a time to be onboard in rowdy conditions, as like all archipelagos, low water brings shelter and peace – assuming you have got your sums right and are anchored in sufficient depth.

If low water falls in the middle of the day, go and anchor in the channels to the east , and explore the loely sandy beaches – or join the French hunting for supper amongst the rocks. In difficult weather and evening tides – consider day sailing out from Granville.

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