Cruising: The Minquiers Pilotage Notes.
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Do not go here if you are of a nervous disposition!  I think the weather needs to be very quiet as well – especially if it is your first visit. The area around Maitresse Isle  and its  houses is less open to exploring  than Les Ecrehou , and the sandy banks to the NW of the Island (SW of Jetees des Fontaines des Bas) might make a more attractive anchorage , with the advantage that one can leave at any time should the weather change. At Springs – once in the anchorage you are stuck for 2 hours either side of LW.


Nonetheless , it is an intriguing place , and worth it just for a sight of the whimsical loo that is the most southern building in the British Isles ( see photos)

We entered from the South . The Northern approach starts at Demie de Vascelin and then follow the leading beacons on Rocher du Sud Bas all the way into the Sound.( See Pilote Cotier for a slight variation to this) The Southern approach uses the same beacons but requires a dog leg around the Rocher du Sud Bas.

 Leave Demies Beacon ½ cable to the North and enter the anchorage using
the leading line on Rocher Blanc.

The buoys next to the quay dry!  Equally getting to them you go very near a group of rocks drying 4.3 which are not on Admiralty chart 3656 or on our electronic chart, and gave me a fright when they came poking through as the tide fell.14
 They are marked  in the Pilote Cotier which shows a safe line between Roche NE and Pte Gouliot , but I did not check it. (incidentally this pilot is very useful here )

At springs , anchor just South of  a line between Rocher Blancs and Les Demies – nearer the latter. Presumably at neaps there might be depth near the mooring buoys , but beware the above mentioned rocks.


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