Racing: Short-Handed
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Petit Bateau RIOW Solo 2008

Another year - another solo race. Would it be 3rd time lucky. After my previous experiencec iwasnt going to underestimate the opposition on the start line and managed to cross on starboard and hold the fist bunch under my lee befor tacking and heading off down the Solent in the E wind that was masquerading as a Sout5herly. boats to lee fell into calm patches which is why athe Needles I was still 3rd on the water.

At the wreck the tide had turned foul and I had to shoot through the gap head to wind - ending up heart stoppingly close to the lighthouse - that is to say well within a biscuts toss but not on the rocks - phew! Off Freshwater those of us inshore had much the best of the wind and by bembridge i was till vying for the lead on the water. Sadly , history repeated itslf , the wind shut off completely for 2 hours and when it eventually came up from the SW most of the faster boats had drifted far into the distance . ( The best tactic seemed to be to stick close to Ventnor and into sandown with the beginnings of a mini sea breeze - i attempted to go offshore!) Thereafter it was spinnaker all the way to the finish .Third under IRC - but another race lost - or perhaps thrown - at Dunnose.

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