Racing: JOG
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JOG 2005

Cowes - Poole - Cowes

There is a theory that it is good for the soul to be humbled from time to time , in which case this weekendwas VERY good for us!

It all began rather well - a perfect start saw us leading our class out of the Solent but Draig 'orMor slipped past us after Hurst and a huge park up 1/2 mile short of the finish saw pretty much everyone else come sailing up over the horizon , round our personel calm zone and finish ahead of us. Rats !

Well , it WAS sunny( if a bit chilly) and we got to Poole in plenty of time to flop for the first time this year - and there was always Sundays race to make amends.

Reader , we didnt! Sunday was sunny and warm and with very little wind , and most of it was somewhere we wern't. Most boats retired , but eventually a gentle sea breeze wafted us to a shortened finish at North Head with Draig 'r Mor and With Alacrity firmly ahead .Our offshore season ended with a gentle dribble down the Solent with the aotopilot in charge and all 8 crew deep in their respective books. I rather enjoyed it , perhaps its time to go off cruising!


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