Racing: St Malo Race 2007

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Cowes –Dinard 2007

With a southerly wind and 2 hours of flood yet to run ,the problems posed by  getting out of the Solent was unknown territory for us. The island shore would benefit from the eddy to Gurnard , but would the wind be too fluky? The plateau on the mainland shore from Beaulieu  onwards looked a better bet , but we would be giving away a mile of windward advantage. We metaphorically tossed a coin ,  started  at the far leeward end , and thankfully led the fleet out of the Solent.

By Hurst we were on the wind and were soon overtaken by the French Dufour “Major Tom” , who was making impressive progress to windward. The game plan was to take a long port tack until a forecast veer but in fact the  wind backed  even more  and the whole fleet held  port on a great circle route. At 2000 a 15 degree shift came and we tacked on it , crossing our main rivals , but with the East going tide , the COG was at right angles to our hoped for course , and when after 30 mts we had no further veer , we tacked back.

At 2130 rain and increasing wind announced the long awaited front , and sure enough the big veer came through just as were tack changing down to the 2 again , allowing us to lay Les Hanois with sheets just eased. Bucketing along in the pitch black  with the  rocky West coast of Guernsey under our lee , struggling to tie in a reef with rain pouring down my neck ,  it occurred to me that we do have a really rather odd hobby!

Dawn revealed another Sigma to windward , and we both changed up to our big jibs , and then shy kites as we buckled down to the serious business of getting in before the wind died. We made it with the last few puffs , but 4 others in class 3 ( including With Alacrity in 3rd)   had beaten us - their corrected times relating nicely to our half hour wasted tack.

Its these sort of decisions on which winning or losing hinge . And being odd sort of creatures we seem to quickly forget the rain and discomfort of the night and look forward to  getting it right next time.

Weird or what!

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